Marine Insurance

We write the following lines of cargo business:

Export and Import of General Merchandise Bulk Shipments

Project Cargoes

Our team has a very good understanding of the risk and we offer risk management services through warranty inspections and discharge supervisions whereby assureds are getting industry best risk management suggestions and practices.

Energy Offshore and Onshore

We offer bespoke solutions to the E&P sector through our strong relations with leading reinsurers and International MNC and Independent Brokers.


We write a healthy book of Hull Business and have some of the leading fleets on our books. We cover ships against Hull and Machinery losses, as well as Increased value, War and mortgagee interest Insurance.

War Insurance

Our war insurance cover provides war risks for cargo, Hull, Floating Energy and marine Liability risks.


We have the capability & the expertise to cater to the risk issues of the aviation sector. We offer aviation hull, spares, third party liability, crew & passenger liability covers.


Al Khazna Insurance Company P.S.C. was founded in 1996 following the Ameri decree No. 4 on 11/06/1996... Read More 


Head Office

Villa No. 86, Al R'Doum Street,

East of Al Nahyan Camp

P. O. Box 73343, Abu Dhabi - UAE

Tel. +971 2 6969700,       

Fax. +971 2 6417998

Dubai Branch

Al Mana Building,

Al Ittihad Road (Near ENOC Petrol Station)

PO Box 8953, Dubai - UAE

Tel. +971 4 2173333        

Fax. +971 4 2560840

Alain Branch

Al Khazna Tower,

Oud Al Tuba Street

PO Box 20755, Alain - UAE

Tel. + 971 3 7661700       

Fax. +971 3 7666404



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